We, the members of the First Community Church of Buckeye Lake, believe that Jesus Christ was born of the Virgin Mary and is the visible image of God and that He is the fullest expression of God available to us.

Because scripture calls on us to proclaim Christ everywhere we go and in whatever we do, we recognize that our Christian beliefs relate to every facet of our lives. If we are to proclaim Him at all times, it is necessary that we maintain our Christian beliefs in all parts of our lives.

We believe that salvation through Jesus Christ is made available to everybody, but is possible only through repentance and acceptance of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

We believe that, in accepting the Bible is without error and is the inspired word of God, we must accept the bible in its entirety. The Bible informs us that Satan is a real presence in the world and that Good will triumph over evil. We accept the Bible teaching that God exists in three persons: God the Father, God the Son; and God the Holy Spirit (the Trinity).

In accepting that the Holy Spirit is an active presence of God made known in spiritual gifts, we also accept the writings of Paul in 1st Corinthians chapter 14 in which Paul addresses orderly Worship Services. Our Worship Services are not characterized by speaking in tongues, and we believe that by doing so in a public Worship setting would edify self rather than God, except as described by Paul in the above noted scripture reference. We believe, as recorded in scripture, that spiritual gifts extend beyond speaking in tongues and prophecy, equipping all who do their part in seeking and accepting those gifts.

Finally, we believe that baptism is an outward symbol of having experienced a rebirth in, and a commitment to Jesus Christ. We believe that, as a symbol, the method of baptism is a matter of personal choice. Since we do not have a baptismal in our Church, baptisms performed in the Church are done via sprinkling. If an individual prefers to be immersed he or she and the pastor will work out the details. Infant baptisms are not performed, however infant dedications may be requested.